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Since our beginning, Sovereign has aligned itself with the largest global producers of specialty chemicals, not only giving our customers the assurance of continuity as a supplier but establishing strong, loyal partnerships that build mutual business and trust.

With our fundamental company values of superior product and service quality, our commitment to continued innovation, and shared respect and dedication from our team, Sovereign builds relationships with industry-leading excellence to all its partners building business together.


Accelerators and Vulcanizing Agents

Sovereign began its partnership with Shandong “Sunsine” Chemical in the late 1990s. Sunsine is a global chemical producer with a focus on the primary accelerators used in the rubber industry. It is one of the most recognized names in the industry. It is the largest producer of rubber accelerators in the world and the largest producer of insoluble sulfur in China. The Sunsine production facilities are located at Shanxian, Weifang and Dingtao in Shandong Province. As a chemical producer serving its global customers, Sunsine continuously improves its manufacturing and environmental protection capabilities, improves its high standard for quality and its safety management system. Sunsine tolls produces for Sovereign Chemical under the “Sovchem” trade name. Sovereign also distributes under the “Sunsine” trade name.


Accelerators and Scorch Inhibitors

Sovereign began its partnership with Shandong Yanggu “Huatai” Chemical in the early 2000s. Huatai is becoming one of the largest chemical producers in China. Huatai has two plants, both located in the Shandong Province. The original plant is Shandong Yanggu Huatai located in Yanggu Country. The second plant is Shandong Derek New Materials located in Dongying City. Huatai’s leading product is the rubber anti-scorcher CTP; they produce the majority of the world’s CTP. Huatai’s product line also includes accelerators, insoluble sulfur, process aids, polymer bound dispersions, rubber protective chemicals and adhesion agents. Huatai has a separate R&D facility which has the ability to continuously develop new products and use greener processes to replace old technology. Huatai tolls produces for Sovereign under the “Sovchem” trade name and Sovereign also distributes under the Huatai trade name.


Accelerators and Vulcanizing Agents

Willing is one of the most important Chinese producers of specialty rubber chemicals. The company was established in 1998 and is located in the Henan Province in Puyang, China. This area of China is strong in energy, petrochemicals and other raw materials. Besides rubber chemicals, Willing specializes in thermosetting resins and organic chemical intermediates. Willing’s continued focus on research and development has demonstrated technological innovation and advancement in production and quality improvement. Willing produces more than 50 different rubber chemicals and is among the biggest rubber chemical producers in China.


Homogenizing Agents

TWC offers a complete range of specialty resins, dry bonding chemicals, waxes and homogenizers for the rubber industry as well as for the paint & coating industry. The dry bonding chemicals include Resorcinol Resins, HMT Dispersions, HMMM Resin and Resorcinol Dispersions. These products are manufactured in Kolkata, India. TWC is focused on R&D and is continuously engaged in developing new products for the rubber industry.


Tall Oil/Rosin Tackifiers

Mobile Rosin Oil Company (MRO) uses rosin and its pine chemical products to serve many industries including rubber, paper, paint, preservatives, construction and lubricants. MRO was established in 1924 in Mobile, Alabama. At that time, pine chemicals were just finding their way into broad industrial applications. Today, MRO has expanded into proprietary chemical manufacturing designed for the customer’s specific needs. In the rubber industry, the MRO products are used as a low cost tackifier and process aid along with phenolic resins. Sovereign began its relationship with MRO in the late 1980s.


Blended, Paraffin and Microcrystalline Waxes

The International Group, Inc. produces a broad range of petroleum-derived waxes that have been used in the rubber industry for many years. The waxes function as static ozone resistors and process aids. IGI offers a full line of microcrystalline/paraffin wax blends as well as straight paraffin and microcrystalline waxes. IGI has been in the wax business for more than 70 years. Sovereign is proud to be selling these waxes since the 1970s.



Antidegradants & Accelerants

Duslo, A.S. is part of the AGROFERT group, an international holding company. Duslo is located in Slovakia and is one of the leading global producers of rubber chemicals – antioxidants, antiozonants and accelerators. Duslo has more than 40 years of experience producing these types of chemicals. They supply all major tire manufacturers and producers of technical rubber. Sovereign began working with Duslo in 1995.



Taminco, known as The Amine Company, is a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company. The production and marketing of amines, specialty amines and derived molecules are their core businesses. Three Taminco business divisions – Functional Amines, Specialty Amines, and Crop Protection – produce products used by our customers in the manufacturing of everyday products primarily used for these end markets: agriculture, water treatment, personal and home care, animal nutrition, and energy. Sovereign distributes TMTD manufactured in Ghent, Belgium.



DJCHEM was formed in 1985 as a partnership to commercialize the founders’ novel technology. The foundation of the company is its catalytic technology for selective oxidation of amines. Using this unique capability, DJCHEM commercialized DEHA (Diethylhydroxylamine) in 1991. The company expanded its technology portfolio in 1994 with the commercialization of DOX-1 (Mixed diaryl-p-phenylenediamines) and DOX-2 (Mixed diaryl-p-phenylenediamines). Sovereign distributes the DOX-1, which is used in the rubber industry as an antioxidant and antiozonant.


Metallic Stearates

Norac Additives produces a wide range of metallic stearates at their production facility in West Helena, Arkansas. These high-purity materials find application in the rubber and plastics industry as internal lubricants and partitioning agents. Grades include a full range of metal types and specialty particle sizes. The dispersible grades of stearates are the industry standard and provide the best performance where liquid slab dips are required. Sovereign distributes the COAD metallic stearates.


Zinc Oxide

Zinc Nacional dedicated to the production of Zinc Oxide and Zinc Sulfate. Zinc Nacional is one of the largest producers of zinc compounds in the world and the largest producer of Zinc Oxide in North America. Their Zinc Oxides are commonly used in a variety of applications including rubber, animal feed, ceramics, paint, zinc chemicals, and lubricants. Zinc Nacional is a producer of both American and French Process zinc oxides. Sovereign formed its relationship with Zinc Nacional in 2018 with the focus on non-tire accounts.