Foundation of Sovereign History

The on-going mission to build strong relationships

Founded in 1974, Sovereign Chemical Company initially concentrated on the production and sale of proprietary antioxidants and antiozonants, focusing on mechanical rubber goods, sundries, and latex systems.

Between 1985 and 1995, Sovereign Chemical embarked on a program of diversification and growth. The program transformed the company from a small regional distributor with a limited product line, to a national distributor to the rubber industry. As the Sovereign Chemical product line expanded, extreme care was taken to keep the product line manageable, and to only add products that provide a good fit. This made it possible to maintain a level of product knowledge and service that satisfies the needs of our principals and customers.

Staring in 1998, the addition of rubber chemicals from China established Sovereign as a major supplier to the rubber industry for both tire and non-tire applications. Sovereign’s success and growth can be attributed to its strong belief that the success of a distributor is based on solid relationships between its principles, customers and employees. Sovereign is proud of its principals, and promotes the brand name concept and awareness, which are so important in today’s business climate. We believe that quality and environmental issues make it essential for the customer to know the producer and distributor.

Customers rely on Sovereign to understand and meet their needs, often through innovative, problem solving initiatives. Our expertise is coordinating the development, introduction and commercialization of specialty products for the rubber industry.  Transparent relationships with key principals enable Sovereign to coordinate joint R&D efforts between principals and customers.

The on-going mission of each Sovereign employee is to build strong relationships between principals and customers. Credibility and long-term associations result when the distributor acts in the best interest of both the producer and the customer. We are proud of the brands we represent, and we devote full resources to their advancement in the marketplace.

In January 2017, under new leadership, Sovereign Chemical continues the same enthusiasm and dedication to its suppliers, customers and employees. We build relationships that build business!

“ Having started my career in procurement for one of the big tire companies, transitioning into sales at Sovereign was a perfect fit. Our high quality products, customer-first approach and knowledgeable staff make for a great supplier into the rubber industry. I am proud to be part of the Sovereign Chemical team! “

Casey Ulrich – Account Manager