Your Needs

We make you our top priority. We remain committed to delivering on all our customers’ needs no matter the request, offering you trust in a strong partnership.

Our Solutions

We are an industry leader that provides exceptional service, competitive, high-quality products, and ample inventories to be there when you need us most.

Trusted Suppliers

Historically, we have been aligned with the largest global producers of specialty chemicals, giving you assurance of continuity in us as a supplier.

One Team. One Passion. One Focus.

Forming the Ideal Bond, With Our Relationships as Our Sovereign Strength

At Sovereign Chemical, we build relationships that build business. Our logo represents the three relationships between our suppliers, Sovereign and our customers – all of which are inter-connected forming a mutual bond, with our customers and their needs at the top.

Our Sustainability Commitment.

At Sovereign Chemical, the manufacturers we work with are committed to providing a cleaner and “greener” way of life. We work with leading manufacturers who are creating sustainable, environmentally friendly materials, regulated per global emission standards, to give you a safer product and peace of mind for a healthier life.

Moreover, to further show our dedication to a greener lifestyle, Sovereign has transitioned to a digital workspace displaying that from the office to our products, we are fully committed to an all-around more sustainable and healthier environment.