Sovchem® ZDEC Oiled Powder

Zinc Diethyldithiocarbamate

Ultra accelerator that is activated at low temperatures. Can be used as a primary and a secondary accelerator. It has a medium scorch safety for a dithiocarbamate. Vulcanizates have excellent aging properties Can be used in natural rubber and most synthetic elastomers. Also used in latex. Especially good in with slow curing polymers such as EPDM and butyls. Is synergistic with thiazoles where it is used as a secondary accelerator. Thiurams can be used to slightly delay the scorch of dithiocarbamates. Promotes a fast cure that is activated at low temperatures. Dithiocarbamates promote predominately mono-sulfidic crosslinks that are good for heat aging resistance and low compression set. They promote high crosslink densities.


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