Mixgran HMT 80

Hexamethylenetetramine with EPDM

HEXA-80 is a slightly basic accelerator for slowing vulcanization. It causes the cure to start almost as soon as it has been added. The rate of cure as a whole is fairly slow. HEXA-80 provides a high degree of cross-linking. Mixes containing HEXA-80 receive activation and secondary acceleration from mercapto, sulfenamide, thiuram and dithiocarbonate accelerators. In combination with resorcinol, HEXA-80 is especially used as a formaldehyde donor for the rubber-to-metal bonding (steel cord). Rubber-to-metal bonding is favorably influenced by the excellent dispersion of the granulated chemical. The additional use of an antioxidant is recommended to improve the resistance to ageing of vulcanizates, which have been accelerated by HEXA-80. Blooming does usually not occur.


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