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Rubber Chemicals

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  • 4040 Embassy Parkway, Suite 190
    Akron, Ohio 44333
    Phone: 330-542-8400

About Sovereign Chemical



Sovereign Chemical Company produces and markets a broad range of  specialty chemicals used in polymer manufacturing, tires, industrial rubber goods, paint, and many other industrial applications.  Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Sovereign services customers in North America, South America, and Asia & Europe.
As one of the leading suppliers of chemicals to the rubber industry, Sovereign’s MISSION is to provide JUST-IN-TIME service for its full range of products.  We provide quality products at competitive prices from leading producers in the world.  Sovereign takes pride in its ability to maintain large inventories and a continuous pipeline for its products to serve its customers.    Customers know sovereign is the first call when unexpected requirements come up.  We remain committed to meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers.